• French Women To Follow on Instagram
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    Best known for its world famous liquors such as Grand Marnier, Cointreau, Triple Sec, Mandarine Napoleon, Cognac, Armagnac, Crème de Cassis and many more, France boasts of its popular tourists spots as well. Starting with the Eiffel Tower in Paris, which is called the City of Love, there are more things to love about the French […]

  • Best-Picks: 6 Philip Roth Marterpieces
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    Around 3 years ago, American novelist of Jewish descent, Philip Roth. From  the New Yorker website, we read that the award winning author has ended his days of writing fiction: “But now he has stopped. Roth, who is seventy-nine, recently told the French magazine Les inRocks, ‘To tell you the truth, I’m done.’ “Nemesis,” which […]

  • Cameron Dallas’ Vines You’ll Watch Over and Over Again!
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    The twenty year-old Cameron Dallas already has acquired almost eight million follower on Vine. And his videos have been looped around two billion times. The internet web star joined the 6-second video sharing site on April 9, 2013. Previously, around a year before,he also made a YouTube channel in which now he has over 3 […]

  • Candy Crush: Why are we hooked to it?
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    The Candy Crush match-three video game has got everyone hooked to their smartphones! Ugh, why is this game so addictive, that even the old (yes, the elders–our grandmas and grandpas) and young alike just can’t get enough of this game? Well, science may provide some explanation for this. The Popular Science website explains it quite clearly: […]

  • Cormac McCarthy Novels You Can’t Put Down
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    Whether you’re just looking for something to read over the weekend or just plainly a bookworm, chances are you have been searching and craving for a new novel satisfy your eyes. Well, wait no more. Because today we bring you some of the best creations of the Pulitzer Prize winning author, Cormac McCarthy. A little […]

  • Chloë Grace Moretz: A Superstar in the Making
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    The recent years has been a big blast for the young Chloë Grace Moretz. Just this 2014, she had received 4 different awards namely, Saturn Award Best Performance by a Younger Actor, InStyle Social Media Awards for Trendiest Teen Queen, 1st People Magazine Awards for Next Generation Star, and Young Hollywood Awards Fan Favorite Actor Female. In addition, just this 2015, […]

  • How Do You Yawn?
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    Yawning is not much of an uncommon thing that we do. Everyday, we wake up and still are sleepy, we do yawn. And at times when were just plainly bored and see others’ gaping mouths, yawns can pretty much become contagious and we do it as well. Not only us humans but animals–yes our pet […]

  • Marcus Johns’ Vines You’ll be Addicted To
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    Marcus Johns or Marcus David Johns by birth is known for his appearances in a few films with the 2004 movie The Punisher being his first. Eight years later he was also in the comedy drama-musical Rock of Ages film and still in 2014, he also starred in the teen-flick Expelled. Born on April 11, 1993, the […]

  • David McCullough Must-Reads
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    The 81-year old David Gaub McCullough is not only a Pulitzer Prize winning author but also a  narrator, historian, and lecturer.  This novelist is best known for his works which are The Path Between the Seas, Truman and John Adams. The latter two was adapted into an HBO Television series. But for now, let us turn […]

  • Jeremy Lin: The NBA Crowd Favorite
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    The 26-year old Los Angeles Lakers’ point guard Jeremy Lin or Jeremy Shu-How Lin by birth has just been included in the 2015 Forbes’ List of Top 100 Highest Paid Athletes. He earned a around 14.9 million US dollars from the recent 2014-2015 NBA season. Now that’s some cash to drool for. This Harvard graduate surely isn’t […]

  • James Franco Reveals His Quirky Side on Vine
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    The 37-year old Hollywood actor is also a filmmaker and a teacher. The star has graduated from several universities and colleges namely University of California, Columbia University, Tisch School of Arts, Brooklyn College, Warren Wilson College, and got his Ph. D. in Yale University. This versatile actor gained worldwide popularity in the 2002 superhero movie, Spider-Man, where he […]

  • Zayn Malik: Forever 1D’s Bradford Bad Boy
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    The whole world of Directioners were left aghast–yes utterly surprised and upset at the same time–when Zayn Malik left One Direction due to personal reasons mainly stress. Depressed fans around the globe though are still very hopeful that soon Malik might return to the group.But unfortunately for these hopefuls, Zayn himself denies such rumors to be […]

  • James Patterson Novels You’ll Read From Cover to Cover
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    The 68-year old American novelist, James Patterson, is James Brendan Patterson  in real life. He was born on March 22, 1947. This notable author of the Alex Cross series was an accomplished college graduate garnering the recognition of summa cum laude in both  B.A. in English from Manhattan College and M.A. in English from Vanderbilt University. But […]