• BBQ Coliseum
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    Ribs, burgers, hot dogs, mac & cheese and some bacon, come together to make this barbecue coliseum. Throw in little action figures and you’ve got yourself a battle to the death! “Epic Meal Time, making the internet hungry since.. last year.”

  • 7 Year Old Pizza Tosser
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    “My son is a chip off the old block! 7 years old and can out toss the big guys! Carmine Pizza Factory.” I could go for a well spun pie right about now.

  • ink & paper
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    Here’s a neat little doc featuring two LA based companies. Aardvark Letterpress, a printing company. And, McManus & Morgan Paper, who hand-produce artisan paper. A great look into a lost art. Directed by Ben Proudfoot.

  • Cured
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    A short doc profiling world renowned bacon and country ham producer Allan Benton.