• Bourdain Visits Crown Heights
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    In the series finale of “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations,” Tony heads to Brooklyn, NY where he uncovers a whole new world on the other side of the river. Here, Tony talks with actor Michael K. Williams (The Wire, Boardwalk Empire) over a meal in Crown Heights.

  • Delizio Uno Coffee Maker
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    Headline: Beautiful capsule brewer makes delicious coffee, fits with modern design motif. Its minimalism meats modern design, and it’s sure to light up your mornings. $99 Euros via Office World

  • How McDonald’s Makes their Fries
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    Did you know that McDonald’s World Famous Fries are made from whole potatoes harvested mainly from farms in New Brunswick, Alberta, and Manitoba? Watch and see exactly how our fries get made, from the farm to the fryer. Visit

  • Deep Dish Fastfood Pizza
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    “Happy Birthday EpicMealTime!!! For our second birthday, we’re paying homage to our first meal ever, the Fastfood Pizza! Only this time we’re making it bigger, better and with more bacon!!! Oh, and we’re cooking with a lot of Jack Daniels…”

  • Ferris™ Deluxe Spice Rack
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    Find your herbs and spices at the swish of a hand. This highly practical spice rack allows you to browse your herbs and spices quickly and with no fuss. Simply spin the spice rack to locate the jar you require, either to use or to check how much you have left, without having to reorganise […]

  • Rainbow Waffles
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    Follow these easy, colorful waffles with whipped cream clouds to the end of the rainbow, and you’ll find a mini pot of treasure! Recipe available here… Thank me after Sunday morning breakfast 🙂 via Tablespoon

  • Tea Egg
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    Tea Egg is a functional tea infuser made of silicone and designed by the Danish design company Made by Makers. Tea Egg is quick to brew a warm cup of tea for those everyday cozy moments. These festive tea infusers are available in six different colors which can be used to accentuate the type of […]

  • How McDonald’s Canadian Burgers Are Made
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    You’ve probably heard that every McDonald’s Canada hamburger patty is made with 100% pure Canadian beef. But what does that really mean? To find out, we visited Cargill’s processing plant in northern Alberta to give you an all-access look at exactly what our hamburger patties are made from and how they get made.

  • LifeStraw Water Filter
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    The LifeStraw has been getting a lot of great press recently as a lifeline for poor, under-served and desolate communities across the world. Water is the most important resource on the planet, it is the single most important sustenance for the human body. And many of the world’s poor do not have access to a […]

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    You know something’s delicious when Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen, Matt Damon, John Legend, and Jack Dorsey all say it is. UNREAL has unjunked Americas favorite candy. No corn syrup, no artificials, no hydrogenated oils, no preservatives, no GMOs, less sugar, more protein and fiber. Our candy tastes awesome – now it’s your turn to #getUNREAL […]

  • Old Tom Foolery Cocktail Notes
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    These cocktail notes are the perfect addition to any cocktail party as they are actually coasters make to look like napkins with quotes by S.H. Carlyle letter-pressed on each coaster. You get a set of 10 4.5″ square coasters with a different quote on each. $18 via Old Tom Foolery

  • The Birth of a Barrel
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    Shot inside the storied walls of the Brown Forman Cooperage in Louisville, Kentucky, this short film follows the creation of a whiskey barrel from start to finish. Jack Daniel’s is the only major distiller in the world that still makes their own barrels.

  • Fastfood Wellington
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    EpicMealTime is making burgers fancy! We’re taking the wellington to the next level by combining the strength of the Big Mac with some exquisite foie gras. Put away your puff pastry, hater, because you’re not ready for this.

  • Spin-the-Shot
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    Spin the bottle is, by far, the most popular drinking game. You could either play it with Truth or Dare or who gets the next shot. Well, to make things easier and safer (no breaking bottles involved), then the Spin-the-Shot is the perfect way to still enjoy the game! $25 via Amazon