• Top Must Watch Harrison Ford Movies
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    Well, we tend to remember people when they do something notable. It’s not evil, it’s just human nature, it’s just who we are. When Harrison Ford ‘decided’ to land his World War II plane in a golf course, the attention and a couple of gashes he got from the unusual golfing expedition, we decided to […]

  • Why The Shield Might Be Our Favourite Show Ever
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    Every city needs a hero. Batman, and perhaps a fraction of Gotham believes this. Does this mean that we who don’t identify with men in bat costumes cannot embrace this sensible truth? Well, it doesn’t. The Shield is proof enough. This is why it could easily pass as our favourite show ever. It tests the […]

  • How 24 Changed The Way We View TV
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    The flashing digital clock face, the beep, and the authoritative ‘previously, on 24.’ These are a common phenomenon from one of the most famous action TV series of the century, 24. The series’ attempt to keep its hero, Jack Bauer on the run and escalate thrilling crises over a short time had a huge impact […]

  • Top Moments From Frasier
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    To some, Frasier might be that story about a Boston therapist who moves to live in Seattle. To others, it is a 20-year long ritual filled with laughter, lessons and absurdity unparalleled by any other comedy on TV right know. Here are some of the most interesting things from Frasier that make it what it […]

  • The Best Comedy Moments From Louie
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    Louie season 3 is around the corner. We are obviously psyched up for rib cracking jokes that would add to what Louie CK already has on his comedy portfolio and definitely add a smile onto our faces. In preparation, we have compiled a list of the best comedy moments from Louie so far. Single People […]

  • How Twin Peaks Was Resuscitated For Future Audiences
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    Twin Peaks was a hit back in 1990. With its mystery like plot, the show quickly climbed up the rankings both locally and internationally. However, the success was short lived prompting ABC to fast-forward the script and reveal Laura’s murder hence concluding the mystery in the story. After this, a movie, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk […]

  • 10 Movie Sequels That Should Never Have Been
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    It is very hard to replicate success. Certain things should just be left alone. Case in point is a good epic movie. Unfortunately, some producers have had to learn this the hard way. Here are sequels of movies that should just never have happened at all. They only served to leave us with a bad […]

  • Star Trek Moments You Probably Forgot About
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    Star Trek is one of the greatest Sci-Fi franchises next to Star Wars. To the geeks and lovers of fantasy, Star Trek is a movie that pushes imaginations and science to the extremes. Even though you might love your movies. There definitely interesting Star Trek things you probably forgot. The Peace Sign This is the […]

  • Our Favourite Key And Peele Sketches
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    Key and Peele’s creativity knows no bounds. With four seasons on our table and such a failing ability to produce real intriguing content, coming up with the most interesting Key and Peele sketches would be and was quite a task. Here are our most favourite. 1. Season 1 Episode one – The Phone Call   BUY […]

  • Solving The Mystery Of Veronica Mars
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    Everyone loves a good mystery. It keeps you on your toes, on the edge as you wait to learn what happens next. Sometimes, the most elaborate mystery stories or TV shows would end without us understanding the actual solution to the mystery. Normally, we would have nothing against such a mystery. This could be why […]

  • Why Larry David is Our Hero
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    Being a comedian is not easy. You have to come up with fresh content that will amuse your audience each new day. Being a good comedian who can act, write and direct is much better. You will have all the exposure you need to understand and play with an audience, as you desire. This is […]

  • 10 Worst Movie Plots Ever
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    Movies are all about the plot. Long gone are the days when all we had to do is throw a commando in Nam, or pit a kung-fu expert against a mob and hope things will go well. A solid plot with artistic turn of events is crucial to keeping the modern day audience glued to […]

  • Why Oz Might Be Our Favourite Crime Drama
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    The Oswald State Correctional Facility, nicknamed OZ, is the centre of this epic crime drama TV show. Beaming with struggles for power, affection, sheer survival instincts and sometimes explosive quests for revenge and retribution, OZ has virtually everything you would want on a TV show covered. BUY NOW – $17.99 With such a heavy allusion […]

  • Top Seven Most Quotable Fast and The Furious Quotes
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    The Fast and the Furious has been around for quite some time. It is a perfect merge of cars, brotherhood, family and crime. As you would expect, there is more than enough quotes in the current franchise’s 7 sequels to encourage and motivate. Here are the top ten quotes that are as insightful as they […]

  • Why You Need To Watch Mad Men
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    Living in the 60s was real fun. Everything, from driving to typing a letter was real and to some extent very mechanical. To survive in such a world, one had to be creative, versatile, and witty. Advertisers working in on Madison Avenue lived these challenges on a daily basis. They loosely referred to themselves as […]