• Captain America: When Patriots Become Superheroes
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    The success of the two Captain America films in 2011 (The First Avenger) and 2014 (The Winter Soldier) has ushered the re-popularity of this classic superhero. Played by Hollywood actor Chris Evans, millions of kids around the world have made the Captain their childhood idol hero. But for now, let’s take a glimpse of some […]

  • Orlando Bloom Films You Should Watch Again
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    The 29-year old Lord of the Rings Hollywood superstar Orlando Bloom is actually Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Bloom in real life. He is of English descent and is known to be named from 16th century composer Orlando Gibbons. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy  was his first major role as Legolas and caused him to fame in the spotlight. But today, […]

  • Power Rangers: The Power is On!
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    Go, go! Power Rangers! Hello fellow rangers! I know you have missed this good-old TV superhero show in the early nineties. Kids and those kids-at-heart during those years were enchanted by the powers these rangers had. Defending the world from the evil alien forces that threat to conquer the world. The Red, Yellow, Pink, Blue […]

  • Top Mila Kunis’ Movies
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    This 31-year old Hollywood star mom, born in August 1983, is actually of Ukranian descent. Mila Kunis is a daughter of a physics teacher mother and a mechanical engineer father. After having moved to the US when she was nine, she had already in her an inherent passion for acting. She was took acting classes […]

  • Jason Clarke Stars in “Everest”

    In association with Walden Media, Universal Pictures takes the moviegoers again in this exhilarating movie adaptation based on a true  story of Everest mountain expeditionists as they struggle through the inevitable forces of nature. Directed by Baltasar Kormákur, under two other production companies Working Title Films and Cross Creek Pictures, the film is starred by Jason […]

  • Tobey Maguire Best Flicks
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    Best recognized as Spiderman, American actor and Film producer Tobey Maguire, has millions of fans across the globe. This 39-year old was born on June 27, 1975 and had his first film appearance when he was 14-years old in The Wizard. From then on, Maguire had lot a number of projects and five of them […]

  • Cara Delevingne is “Margo” in Paper Towns

    After the success of American author John Green’s book film adaptation of The Fault in Our Stars which is a US Box Office hit, 20th Century Fox adapts this bestselling novel Paper Towns starring Cara Delevingne and Nat Wolff to the big screen. This romance flick also casts other teen stars such as Halston Sage, Austin Abrams, Jaz Sinclair, […]

  • Top Jennifer Garner Movies
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    The 43-year old mother of four is a certified hot momma. She grew up in West Virginia with a chemical engineer father and an English teacher mother. It was a little surprising that she landed on film and TV because when she was younger, she was more into ballet and chemistry. Today, we’ll give a […]

  • Matt Damon to Star in ‘The Martian’

    American author’s first ever book The Martian will now be seen in the big screen by 20th Century Fox. The writer of this science fiction novel, Andy Weir, will have his main protagonist, Mark Watney, played by Hollywood actor Matt Damon. The said novel which was first published electronically in 2011 had its first paperback hardcover just […]

  • 10 Most Epic Star Wars Moments
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    With only months remaining before the premiere of episode VII of this movie, we decided to take a little tour and sample some the most epic moments in the past episodes. It will help take care of the anticipation levels. This is for all those who may have forgotten or just want to live the […]

  • Which Doctor Who, Are You?
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    Space travel has been an interesting topic to many since the time of Einstein. The power to zip through time and space to set things right or solve future problem is extremely interesting. With Doctor Who, this is not a fantasy but a true reality that works. Zipping via the TARDIS in his old and […]

  • Top Eight Most Captivating Robert Downey Jr. Movies
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    Robert Downey Jr. is what we would call an all-rounded person. He is an actor, a producer, and a singer. While his career heavily rests on his success as a youth, his character wouldn’t be as complete as it is without his brief stint of legal troubles and substance abuse crowned by a rebirth of […]

  • Movie Trailers that Were Way Better than Their Own Movies
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    Movie trailers are deceitful. Perhaps that’s what they are meant to be. We always enjoy the teasers and an idea of what to expect in the movie. More often than not, however, producers tend to pick the juiciest parts of the movie and put them together in the most dramatic way possible. The idea is […]