All This Cat Needs is a Hat and Monocle to Look Like the Monopoly Man!

When you see a chubby man with bubbly eyes wearing a top hat and monocle, the first thing that you might think of is the Monopoly man, right? Of course! The Monopoly man – aka Rich Uncle Pennybags – has been able to establish a trademark look for himself over the years even though he is just a fictitious character featured on the game boards and boxes of a popular board game. Have you ever seen someone that looks just like him? Perhaps with a hat and monocle, they would look JUST like the Monopoly man himself, right? Well, this time around Reddit user Love_the_Heat was able to find a cat that looks just like the Monopoly man! You might not believe something like that is even possible. However, as soon as you look at this viral picture, you are going to immediately wish that this fat cat with bubble eyes had a hat and monocle to complete the look.




Rich Uncle Pennybags – the Monopoly CAT?!

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