You Can’t Even Get Along with Your Co-Worker, But This Cat and Horse are the Best of Friends.

Certain people just cannot get along and should not even try to do so. That is at least the general way of thinking that most people have had over the years, isn’t it? If you don’t get along with someone else, that’s fine because certain people are just not going to get along with you. But…should that be the case? When you look at this cat and horse, you might start to think differently. Why is that? Simply put, this cat and horse are the best of friends. As you can see in this video, they are not letting any of their differences hinder them from maintaining  a loving and respectful friendship. At first sight, you might think that the overall concept of a cat and horse getting along so well is something that is only seen in a Budweiser Super Bowl commercial. However, it is the real deal! We want to thank Alexandra for filming this back in in 2013 and sharing it with the rest of the world. This video is much more than just a cute video of a friendly cat and horse. It is a video that should teach us all the value of breaking down the divisive barriers that separate us from one another – regardless of how “reasonable” they might seem.


cat and horse

Cat and horse. Best friends forever.


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