Caste Perpetual Calendar

The design for the Perpetual Calendar No.1 is the result of independent exploration in the Caste studio. Inspired equally by Dieter Rams, Enzo Mari, and Massimo Vignelli, it is a low-fi, hand-assembled response to the increasingly high-tech auto-produced objects that currently fill the market. Comprised almost entirely of CNC laser-cut Baltic Birch plywood parts, each calendar is assembled and finished by hand. The date on the calendar is changed by way of a small wheel, mounted on the top of each info-column. The date-change mechanism was deliberately kept as a manual operation, so as to engage the user in active recognition of the passing of time.

This product is currently in Canadian production, but its time-consuming, hand assembly process limits production to a maximum of 500 units per year.

$185 via Caste Projects

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