These Cardboard Stories Will Make You Reconsider Ignoring Homeless People on the Street.

These Cardboard Stories Are Full of Surprises!

Homeless people. When most people see them on the street, they will try to walk past them as quickly as possible – almost as if they do not want to even be seen walking near them. What many people simply fail to realize is that most homeless people were not born homeless. Perhaps they were major successes with a lot of potential that hit a rocky point in their lives that caused everything else to fall apart. However, when you take a moment to consider their stories and past lives, you’d be able to see past the stereotypical appearance and lifestyle of homelessness. Many other social experiments have been completed in the past that have tapped into the homeless community, but this viral video will truly provide you with a glimpse into their past lives instead of their present lifestyle through cardboard stories.

You see, Rethink Homelessness wanted to use the cardboard stories of the homeless people featured in this video to provide most people with more of a wake-up call. It will allow us all to take a moment and allow these cardboard stories to open our eyes and our hearts. Once you take a few moments to read some of these cardboard stories, even the most cold-blooded individual would have to have their hearts warmed each time they see a homeless person. Perhaps you might want to make up your own cardboard stories to share with a homeless person the next time that you see them.



These cardboard stories will change the way you look at homeless people forever.

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