Candy Crush: Why are we hooked to it?

The Candy Crush match-three video game has got everyone hooked to their smartphones! Ugh, why is this game so addictive, that even the old (yes, the elders–our grandmas and grandpas) and young alike just can’t get enough of this game?

Well, science may provide some explanation for this. The Popular Science website explains it quite clearly:

Candy Crush, like other Match-3 games, uses a grid of tiles in various colors and shapes. Players swap those tiles to make matching stripes of three (or more) tiles, which then vanish with a satisfying whoosh. . . it gets surprisingly hard, level by level, to clear each board of tiles. A group of computer scientists in Rome proved last year that the course a Match-3 game will take is exceedingly difficult to predict.

If the game were too hard, players would just give up, so Match-3 games lure users with lots of tiny victories. You can’t make a move without getting a match and clearing tiles, so every turn delivers a jolt of positive feedback. Another factor . . . is the lack of time pressure, which allows users to play distractedly, on their own time.”–Jason Schneider

Uhuh, so it is! But how can we get out of this addiction? That is a question no one has ever asked, unfortunately.

If you still can’t get enough of the Candy Crush fever, here are some tees that you can wear or pack as a gift!

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