Cameron Dallas’ Vines You’ll Watch Over and Over Again!

The twenty year-old Cameron Dallas already has acquired almost eight million follower on Vine. And his videos have been looped around two billion times.

The internet web star joined the 6-second video sharing site on April 9, 2013. Previously, around a year before,he also made a YouTube channel in which now he has over 3 million subscribers and over one hundred and thirteen million views.

This teen web sensation has become so successful in the social media platforms that on 2014, that on April 2014, CEO Brian Robbins of AwesomenessTV went on to produce a movie starring Cameron which is the teen-flick Expelled. The film was hit the theaters in December 2014.  In addition, he has also appeared on the NBC show American Odyssey for two episodes. To top it off, next year, 2016, he will be in another movie with fellow co-Viner Nash Grier entitled The Outfield.

Dallas also received the award Teen Choice Award for Choice Viner last August 2014.

Now, let’s see some of his Vines which have been responsible for him to get the Teen Choice Award.

 He has an awesome way of frying eggs.

He knows just what to do after the rain.

 Another certified prankster right here as his friends are.

And this guy’s so hyper at the gym.

Be careful! He always wants his “Thank you” to have a reply.

And just like his friends, he has some quirky dance moves.


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