This Butterfly Was Set Free by a Toddler – But What He Did to the Boy’s Nose First Will Leave You Speechless.

Have You Ever Set a Butterfly Free?

Have you ever set a butterfly free from a jar?

Perhaps when you were a child, you enjoyed being able to collect beautiful butterflies in jars whenever and wherever the opportunity to do so arose. Staring at a butterfly relax on a small branch or even fly around frantically inside of the jar eventually compelled you to set it free, right? In most cases, he or she would simply fly away as fast as possible as soon as the lid of the jar was opened without giving you a second thought. Perhaps that is exactly what Doug Thompson and his toddler son thought would happen when they decided to set their captured butterfly free. However, the butterfly decided to land directly on the boy’s nose – as if to say “Goodbye, my friend!” before he left.

You are going to automatically start to feel a little nostalgic – almost as if you were a child again for a day and get the chance to simply relive that childhood. You might even start to think about the other things that you enjoyed from your childhood – such as Hasbro toys, 8-bit video games and a world without cell phones. Chances are this viral video will be the cutest thing that you see all day (even if you decide to check out some of the other most viewed YouTube videos of the day). So make sure that you enjoy every single second of it.



This butterfly is going to make your day!

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