She Claims Burger King Digitally Raped Her Face – Here’s the Pic. YOU Be the Judge.

“They Digitally Raped My Face!”

RV Wonderspunk claims to be a victim of rape, sorta. You see, she claims that Burger King digitally raped her face. According to her explanation in this video, they took a series of model photos that she did – consisting of contortion poses and various facial expressions. With those photos, they used on side profile where her mouth was wide open and then digitally raped her face by placing a large sandwich in front of it with the tag line, “IT’LL BLOW Your Mind Away.” There has been a host of controversial advertisements released over the years, but this seems to be one that not only conveys a controversial message but was created through controversial means. What is your opinion? Do you think that Burger King digitally raped her face? Or is there more to this store that not even RV Wonderspunk is revealing?


digitally raped

is it true that they digitally raped her face?

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