Instead of Simply Saying Them, This Bride and Groom Decided to Sing Their Wedding Vows

When it comes to the wedding vows section of the average wedding, there are so many different ways that it can be done.  Some people simply recite words that are uttered to them by the wedding officiant. Others may decide to read the vows that they have originally wrote themselves basically as love letters to their future spouses. There are even some people that have recited their wedding vows as poems. However, chances are you have never seen a bride and groom perform their wedding vows together as an original song. That is exactly what happened here when the two people that make up the musical group – Us the Duo – decided to turn their wedding vows into an original song that they performed for the very first time together at their wedding. Thanks to this now-viral video, it seems as if more and more people will finally know who Us the Duo are in the first place – which is a pretty big wedding gift that they can enjoy on their honeymoon. Don’t you agree? And it all started simply because they wanted to do something different with their wedding vows.

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