Brent Rivera’s Vines are Totally Awesome!

This 16-year old web star from California with already 7.1 million followers on Vine is already an internet sensation. Brent Rivera first created a YouTube channel, MrBrent98, in 2011 and two years later he joined vine. According to, “it has always been his dream to entertain”. And sure enough millions of people across the world are hooked with every video that he posts. He is also very grateful towards his fans and takes time to thank them on Twitter. He also has a Facebook account where you can check out his regular updates of his daily deeds as well as his tours.


Below are some of the Vines he made together with friends and family.


1. School is sometimes a dreaded place to be in but Mr. Brent here turns them into hilariously delighting situations. He totally gets every student problem around.



2. Are you having trouble communicating with others or just not capable of fitting in? You’ve come to the right man because this young lad has some peculiar interpersonal relations for you to learn from.




3. A certified mama’s boy! He includes both his mother and father in some of his videos. We then have an idea of what the Rivera family is like!



4. He undergoes what every teenager in a family does. Brent surely has a way of getting what he wants–or at least…


5. Certified dog-lover! Who doesn’t love such furry lovable four-legged friends?

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