Breaking a Brick with One Hand–the Easy Way!

With almost five million subscriber and over six hundred million total views, the YouTube channel HowToBasic has become one of the most popular web stars in the site. First joined in December 8, 2011, it has uploaded almost eight hundred videos until now.

Today, we will show you this amusing post from the previously mentioned channel which says, ” Today I show you how to break a brick in half using just one hand. This karate brick breaking punch stunt is way easier than it looks! If you know the correct technique you’ll successfully be able to do it in seconds without hurting yourself!…Once you’ve practised for a while you’ll be able to break up to 20 bricks at the same time! Simply follow the step by step instructions carefully & you’ll be able to break bricks with your hands like a pro!”

C’mon, check this out!

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