Boy Gets Killed by Pet Rat and PETCO is to Blame? Seriously?!

One family in San Diego is actually suing PETCO after their 10-year old son died recently from an infection that he contracted directly from his pet rat. Seriously? What kind of sense does this make?

John Gomez, the attorney representing this family, told the Associated Press on Tuesday that the lawsuit filed in San Diego County on Monday seeks an unspecified amount for the pain and suffering that has been endured by the Pankey family because of their loss. Their son, Aidan, passed away on June 12 of last year. He was rushed to the hospital because he was experiencing severe stomach pains. The medical examiner’s office there in San Diego ruled the cause of death as being due to an infection that is referred to as rat-bite fever.

How in the world, though, is it PETCO’s fault? We still don’t understand this killer pet rate case at all. Do YOU?

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