It’s Sad to Think about How Much a Bowling Lane Buzzer Sensor Confused This Dog

Meet Fant, a 7-year old Border Collie. Fant has always been known for being absolutely curious about almost everything. By accident, the buzzing foot sensor was discovered by Fant on one of the lanes of a local bowling alley. Keep in mind that the buzzer sensor was integrated into the lane in the first place to notify all gamers that someone has passed the line. Once he hears the buzzer sensor and activates the buzzer sensor for the very first time, he starts to freak out as soon as it is activated. His confusion, though, has led to a viral video that will make you feel warm and fuzzy. We want to thank Glenn-Ove Ellingsen for sharing this video with us and also making us think twice about how awkwardly appealing the average bowling lane buzzer sensor can be.

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