Bored? Why Not See These Brandon Calvillo Vines?!

Maybe you yourself have planned of putting something up in the web in hopes of becoming the next internet sensation garnering millions of views from people all over the world. Or you may have already done so, but the results were upsetting. Well, we could not disagree that many of the famous celebrities today have started from scratch, too. It may just have begun with one video post in YouTube, just like Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen, Austin Mahone, the singing couple Karmin, etc. And boom who knew, they’re already up in the upper strata of the society, going to concerts, covering magazines, and earning lots of cash. So, we couldn’t blame anyone if they’re hopeful, too.

Not only YouTube, but the Vine video sharing service as well has been a ladder for some towards fame they’ve craved for, just like Cameron Dallas who’ve already had a movie, Expelled. 

Today, we introduce to you yet another Vine star, 20-year old Brandon Calvillo, from California, USA. He joined Vine on March 2013, and now he has already over four million followers and his posts looped more than two billion times. Well, that is not much of a wonder, his videos are totally funny.

Here are some of his very socially-relatable six-second posts! Enjoy!



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