Bizarre Body Modifications- Why do These People Indulge in These… Some Fun Activity Surely

Body modification is surely a way of life for these 10 people. These extreme forms of modifications are shocking and will make your jaws fall.

  1. Cranial Piercings

Those are some nice cranial piercings. They probably get pretty cold in the winter.

2. Scarification, i.e. creatively cutting the skin in beautiful patterns to leave behind a picture on healing.

This body modification is called "scarification." Scarification involves creatively cutting the skin in intricate patterns. Once it heals, the scars leave behind a picture.

3. Largest Ear Gauges.

This man holds the world record for largest ear gauges.

4. Surgically Removed Nipples

This man just had his nipples surgically removed.

5. Cheek Piercing

Cheek piercing.

6. Star Shaped subdermal implants.

Star-shaped subdermal implants.

7. Corset Piercing.

Corset piercing on this woman's back.

8. Nose Piercing.

I'm pretty sure those are pretzels inside his nose piercings.

9. Tongue Splitting- Bifurcation

This guy just had his tongue split in a process known as "bifurcation."

To me it hardly seems any fun in having these body modifications, but for these it surely keeps some significance. Let’s respect it and enjoy the scary views!

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