Bird Photo Booth

“Meet Bird Photo Booth, the world’s first bird feeder designed for your iPhone, iPod Touch, and GoPro set into its handcrafted hardwood feeder. Step away and watch a live feed of your backyard birds stream from your iPhone to your iPad, or any other mobile device or computer over the web via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, then snap away! Feathers, expressions, emotions- Bird Photo Booth lets you remotely watch, photograph, video, and even TALK to backyard birds in real time and instantly share to the top social networks worldwide. Set it up in your backyard in seconds and watch wild backyard birds strike a pose for you in Bird Photo Booth. Stunning close up photos are merely a tap away. You, the photographer decide the perfect moment to take stunningly detailed macro photos and video, that rivals expensive DSLR telephoto zoom lenses.” $149 via Kickstarter

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