You’ll Never Guess What Bill Murray is Crashing in THIS Picture

It’s kind of hard to remember the riveting and classy speech that Bill Murray gave when he decided to spontaneously crash the bachelor party of some random stranger. The video of that speech did not take very long to go viral at all. Now, Bill Murray has made his way back into the world of viral media with his impromptu acts of randomness by crashing a recent engagement shoot of two more people that he never met before in his life. As you can read from the full story on Yahoo about Bill Murray and his antics, the photographer was simply capturing poses and pictures of this couple as planned. However, the photographer kept noticing that they were continuously distracted by something (or someone behind her). Once the photographer turned around, they realized that it was Bill Murray doing whatever he could to get them to laugh. When asked to pose with them for one shot, he agreed and this is the amazing and memorable shot that came from that random encounter.

Bill Murray Engagement Shoot Pic

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