Bikini Photos That Should Have Never Been Seen

It must be joyous to be one of those women with lovely small boobs, finding swimwear is a doddle for you.  Walk into any of the high street stores and beautiful jeweled bikinis adorn the racks. Pick up a size 10 and you can transform yourself to look like a cast member from TOWIE poolside.  It couldn’t be easier. However there are a couple of ladies that have a nightmare finding the perfect bikini due to their boob size and a lot of other reasons.

  1. Chantelle Houghton didn’t look her best while running across the beach

She may well be an image of perfection on the red carpet, where the glossy veneer of style and glamour places her on a lofty pedestal beneath which her fans can only aspire.

But closer inspection shows that same veneer to look a little tarnished, not least when she’s stripped down to their bikinis for the inevitable round of tropical beach holidays.

  1. Rihanna’s Blatant Sexism in Video

In the video “Pour It Up” it was only half surprising to have scantily clad women in the video; It was pretty disgusting with the abundance of pole dancing and the site of bikini-clad women violently shaking their derrieres to an inappropriate level. The video is almost laughable and sets a horrible example to young fans

  1. Couple shopping at Walmart in Bikini

This man and woman went into a Walmart store with their baby in a baby carriage and they clad in bikinis, but still looked pretty awkward.

  1. Vicki Pattison Beach Bikini.

The Geordie Shore star took a photo while on the beach in a bikini while she had been battling with her weight over the course of the year. Her lack of conditioning was clear to see as she stomped through the surf during the early stages of her weight loss campaign.

  1. Eva Longoria belly

It was quite clear that Eva Longoria was growing a belly while she rocked a bikini and went to relax on deck chair while in Puerto Rico earlier this year.

  1. Kate Moss Growing Paunch

It was a bad day on the beach for the English model here bikini did her no justice by showing off her growing paunch.

  1. Chanelle Hayes in Spain

The former Big Brother, English television personality, singer and model, looked considerably bigger during her recent trip to Spain where she wore a bikini to take a run.

  1. Victoria Hervey’s Not so Ladylike

Lady Victoria Hervey, an English model, socialite, aristocrat and former “It girl” was not so ladylike when she was in Miami wearing a bikini and her wide cleavage was exposed.

  1. Ajay Rochester on Sydney Beach.

The patriotic stars and stripes bikini badly let the weight loss guru down while she was enjoying a holiday on the Sydney beach.

  1. Janice Dickinson’s Leopard print Bikini

Described by her and others as the first supermodel, Janice Dickinson wasn’t at her best when she visited Malibu and wore a leopard print bikini that did little to compliment her figure.


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