Beyonce Has to Be Mad about How These 3 Men Dance to One of Her Hit Songs

Beyonce has been able to harness the power of making people dance to her music since her solo debut album was first released back in 2001. Even before that, she was known for getting people moving in her group, Destiny’s Child (and yes…we did say her group.) However, since she became “Sasha Fierce” it seems as if men and women around the world have been dancing to Beyonce songs – especially Single Ladies. You may have seen hilarious viral videos of men dancing crazily to Beyonce songs even though they did not have a morsel of talent. However, these guys took a very different approach. You see, Yanis Marshall wanted to basically perform the dance routine better than Beyonce — while wearing the same heels that she was wearing in the popular music video for Single Ladies. Keep in mind that he is a professional choreographer as you watch this video, because it is going to blow you away. Beyonce has to be like, “Whaaaatt?!” What do you think?

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