Beyonce Starring in Fifty Shades of Grey – Or At Least That’s What This Teaser Reveals

Beyonce is absolutely full of surprises, isn’t she? First, she had a surprise album that shocked the world – especially when they heard the sexually explicit and graphic songs that were found on the track list. Beyonce also surprised the world when her dirty laundry was aired out to the world in a fight behind her sister (Solange) and her husband (JAY-Z) which was captured on film by an elevator camera and later sold to TMZ for worldwide distribution. Now, Beyonce has found another effective way to surprise us yet again – this time around with a little help from Fifty Shades of Grey. If you didn’t know already, the teaser trailer for this movie was revealed through her official Instagram profile. What do you think this means?


Is Beyonce in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie?

You can hear Beyonce’s moaning and groaning from her debut solo single, “Crazy in Love,” towards the end of this Fifty Shades of Grey trailer. But does that mean her song will be featured on the soundtrack. Or, does it foreshadow an even bigger role for Beyonce in this highly anticipated movie? What do you think?


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