Being Curvy Comes At A Price – Nicki Minaj or Kim Kardashian Would Agree To This

Anyone with a sizeable derriere and an ample bust is considered sexy. Everyone dreams of being that with more than a handful paying a fortune to plastic surgeons to get the ultimate look. Even though having the booty and the bust will draw all the attention you desire, the adoration comes at a price.

Squeezing through

Squeezing past people in the street or mall without extending a touch of blessings is almost impossible. A packed flight or bus will have you rub against people as you go by. Very few would mind the body contact though.

Dresses keep wanting to show more

Walking in a dress should be simple. This is not the case with your derriere swaying lusciously and cajoling the dress’ hem up to reveal more. You might have to keep tagging at the hem to keep things in check.

Running isn’t as easy as it seems

You don’t have to run everyday. However, when that single must-run day comes knocking, things jiggle so much you wish you had a seatbelt/body-belt.

Can’t buy anything without wearing it

A normal size 26 will fit in a 26 jeans or dress. This is never the case for curvy girls. You either have to try it out in person to make sure it fits or have the tailor custom-make something for you.

Buying swimwear is hectic

Buying a bikini isn’t as easy as walking into a store and picking. You have to mix and match both the colours and sizes of your bikini top and bottoms.

Curvy butt darts

When trousers fit your thighs and but perfectly but are too wide on the waist. Somebody call a tailor, or doll to fill the butt gap.

Online shopping convenience is a myth

Did you remember the part I said you must try everything before buying? No online store will bring the entire catalogue to your doorsteps for these tests. Online shopping is out of bounds.

When you get something that fits…

Buying something that fits perfectly is a real hustle. However, when you finally get it, you look so scandalously hot you forget the pain you went through to get this far.

Everyone want to see

People expect you to flaunt your assets even if you aren’t comfortable with it.

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