Watching This Base Jumping Dog Will Make You Feel Like a Chicken

Have you ever went base jumping before? If you answered “yes,” then you are more than likely addicted to extreme thrills of that nature (i.e. sky diving, bungee jumping, etc.) If you answered “no,” however, then this video probably is not for you. You see, Dean Potter takes his dog with him whenever he decides to do something, well…extreme. Recently, this base jumping man decided to turn his dog into a base jumping dog and caught the entire experience on camera for all of us to enjoy now that the video has reached viral status. When you watch this base jumping dog, you are definitely going to feel like a wimp that has not really done very much in his or her life. After seeing this base jumping dog, you may even feel the need to revise your own bucket list ASAP. Don’t believe us? Watch the video and try to tell us we were wrong.

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