You Might Be Bad at Parallel Parking, But You CAN’T Be Anywhere as Bad as Him!

Are you bad at parallel parking? Don’t worry! There are millions of people all around the world that are just like you. However, when it comes to this time-consuming art of precision, there can’t be anyone as bad at parallel parking than this driver. Pay close attention to how this driver tries to maneuver his vehicle into this parking spot. Keep in mind that there is not hardly any traffic or obstacles in their path that would prevent them from causing this much damage and taking so much time just to try and pull it off. We definitely want to take a moment to thank Jared for capturing this footage and introducing us to the worst parallel parking driver in the world. After you watch this video, you are going to immediately feel much better about your own parallel parking and driving skills overall. Wow!


Worst. Parallel Parking. EVER!

Worst. Parallel Parking. EVER!

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