Listening to This Baby’s First Laugh Will Make You Want to Get Pregnant ASAP

SPOILER ALERT: If you do not like babies or do not want to even think about getting pregnant, watching this video might not be in your best interest.

With that said, this is one of the cutest viral videos you will see today. There is nothing more precious than hearing a baby’s first laugh – especially if that baby is yours.  Nglau was able to experience that with his own three-month old baby and could not get enough it. So, they decided to record their baby’s first laugh and upload it to YouTube to share with the rest of the world. Watch this funny baby video if you want to bust a gut laughing. Trust us, when you hear this baby’s first laugh you will immediately start to feel all warm and fuzzy. You will also be reminded of how amazing you personally may have felt when you heard your own baby’s first laugh – and that is when you will start to think about having another baby. Brace yourself but enjoy the ride.

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