This Baby Can Walk JUST Like His Momma – But Only When She’s 8 Months Pregnant!

This Baby Definitely Knows His Momma Well, Doesn’t He?

Don’t you just love being able to watch a video where the baby behaves just like their parent? For example, do you remember the little boy that fussed out his Momma just like his own father would (“Linda, listen! Listen, Linda!)? He ended up being invited to the Ellen DeGeneres show and received a truckload of cupcakes and $10,000. Well, the baby in this video needs to be invited to Ellen, too – especially because of what he is able to do at such a young age. You see, his father continually asks him to walk “just like momma.” When he finally does it, he seems to walk like he is a pregnant woman. That is fitting because, well…Momma is 8 months pregnant with his future brother/sister.



Doesn’t you love watching babies…walk like pregnant women??

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