Baby laughs like a Troll

Laughter is the best tonic for life and this video truly made me believe that. Babies’ laughter is funny but this baby’s laughter will actually make you roll on the floor laughing. Just watch this video, and you will know why this clip has over 1 million views on YouTube. You will feel like hugging this cute Russian baby with such an innocent face. His laughter is not just funny but evil too. Can you imagine a baby laughing in evil tone!!! Enough to make anyone go crazy with joy haha.

In fact, those who are looking to act in villainous roles can get some tips from this evil kiddo who is looking to extract billion dollars from world leaders. No wonder why this video has become sooo…popular in just two days.

Watching this video once won’t be enough! You surely will watch it over and over again. Don’t forget to turn on the speakers. Share and let everyone laugh and enjoy!

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