Watching This Baby Laughing While Getting Shots Will Make Your Next Doctor’s Visit a Lot Happier!

Yes – This is a Baby Laughing While Getting Shots.

Chances are that you have never seen a baby laughing while getting shots before. In some cases, babies are crying their heads off. In other cases, babies are not doing anything whatsoever – they just sit there and take it. However, the pediatrician in this video is definitely one of the very best in the business – especially since they were able to get this amazing baby to start laughing. That’s right! There is no need to check the video or your speakers to make sure that you are hearing the right thing. When you take a few moments to enjoy this baby laughing while getting shots, you are more than likely going to be blown away and feel a lot better the very next time that you have to visit the doctor yourself. This video was originally posted by Mama Ethiopia back in 2012, but is just starting to trend now — reaching over 760,000 views!


baby laughing while getting shots

Do you laugh when YOU get shots?

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