Avengers? Age of Ultron? Really?

Avengers! The world have been waiting for you!  Are you worth the wait or just a waste of our time? Age of Ultron brings doom for the heroes. Running the race of time, of saving people, fighting off differences and lived on to tell the tale! This trailer shows all, unveils all! Will it draw people in or will it draw people out?


Will the trailer bring the A+ to the Avengers movie or it brings the F+ to the movie? Take a pick! The trailer showed destruction, rising of conflict, Hulk in rage, Thor in doubt, Iron Man with his tech, Captain America taking the lead, Black Widow’s strong touch, and the arrows of Hawk Eye! Not too mention, the arrival of Ultron, and his allies? Will Ultron bring doom to our minds, or will the Avengers saved the day?



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