This Automated THANKING Machine Allows Customers to Withdraw a Lot More than Just Money!

The Automated Thanking Machine is Not Your Average ATM!

An automated thanking machine?

What if you had the chance to go to an automated thanking machine instead of just a teller machine at the bank? Usually, you would go and withdraw some (or all) of the money that is waiting for you in your account. However, when you visit an automated thanking machine, you are able to withdraw a whole lot more than just your money. That is basically what TD Canada set up in one of their locations in order to thank their loyal customers and show their appreciation in one of the biggest ways possible. When their bank customers would come to make a withdrawal, they would also receive great presents that were specifically chosen just for them – including plane tickets to visit Trinidad to visit a sick child, the chance to throw the first pitch at a Blue Jays game, and tickets to take your kids to Disneyland in California. Even though you might not be a customer at TD Canada, you have to admit that the concept of an automated thanking machine is something that should be applauded. In most cases, viral videos like this one – especially videos created by companies and major corporations – lead to copycats and numerous social experiments. How exactly do you think that this viral video featuring an automated thanking machine will pan out online? Can you see any copycats popping up in the near future?


automated thanking machine

An automated thanking machine? Amazing concept!

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