This ATM Robbery Prank Did Not End Well – Especially Since the Cops Showed Up!

An ATM robbery prank. There are so many bad things that are wrong with that statement alone, isn’t there? An ATM robbery prank. Seriously? Out of all of the successful prank concepts that could have been executed — these guys decided to throw all sense of reason to the wind and go for an ATM robbery prank. What makes it even worst is that it was a collaboration between three of the most viral YouTube pranksters right now — Vitalyzed, Roman Atwood and Dennis Roady. What the heck were these guys thinking? Clearly, they weren’t thinking very much at all. When they eventually got arrested for this ATM robbery prank fail, the footage of their arrest made it to the local news. Maybe that is exactly what they wanted all along. What do you think?

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