These People Are Huge Fans of the Ninja Turtles – And They Have the TMNT Tattoos to Prove It!

TMNT Fans Unite – With TMNT Tattoos!

You might think that you belong to the never-ending list of TMNT fans. You might even believe that you are going to be the biggest TMNT when the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie is released later on this week in North America. However, chances are that you are not as dedicated as you think. How do we know?  Do you have any TMNT tattoos? Yes, the men and women that are featured in the artistic gallery below have all been able to put their love and loyalty as TMNT fans on display simply by creatively having these TMNT tattoos permanently etched into their skin. When you take a long, hard look at these TMNT tattoos, you will think several things: (1) They are creative and very artistic and (2) You are not as big of a TMNT fan as you thought!


TMNT tattoos

Would YOU get any TMNT tattoos?




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