Crazy Artist ahead of his time creates unlikely Art!

Art can be crazy. Art goes a long back. A part of society that is constantly evolving. Van Gogh brings the crazy in a world of serenity. Art in Van Gogh’s time could not accept his art. Some said Van Gogh was ahead of his time. Can someone so unique in his own mind be thought off as crazy and a madman as he can be?

Early Works of Van Gogh


Due to its uniqueness, a song was made to depict it, ” starry, starry night.”


Serenity brings tranquility.

Still-Life -Vase-with-Fifteen-Sunflowers

VanGogh_Bedroom_Arles1 vangogh-39

Vincent_van_Gogh_GOV011 vincent-van-gogh-final-paintings-1




Art can be depicted in many ways, paintings are the windows to the soul. Van Gogh expressed his soul in all of his works. Expressions of his mind, his troubled soul and his broken spirit is a vivid reminder of the crazy things that goes in our mind. Life as Van Gogh knows it was over, he sold one painting in his lifetime, gone insane and ultimately died. Others thought he is a crazy person doing crazy arts while others thought his painting was just ahead of his time and its just waiting for its moments to shine.

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