Apps You Must Have in Your Phone to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

It is all over the news. Everybody is actually talking about it. T.v series’ such as the walking dead are even themed around it. The zombie apocalypse. While you are still wondering if it is for real or a hoax, it is prudent that you learn some survival tactics to take you through the ordeal. Chances are that everything will shut down during this time. There will be no news, no movies, and no t.v. you will have one thing though, your smartphone. Here are a few apps you can install in your phone to help you survive.

Wild edibles

You may have stocked up on some food in preparation, but this is bound to run out after some time. Going to the local food store would be a suicide mission. The zombies would be roaming the streets. Furthermore, the person operating the food store would have closed shop out of fear of the zombies. For those in the countryside, you may probably move out of your homes and seek shelter in the bushes. The wild edible app will be very helpful in differentiating the edibles from the non-edible.

Translation app

The whole world will be in a state of confusion. Chances are that you will be seeking help from fellow humans who have not been infected. In such a case, you may end in the company of people who you do not speak the same language. The translation app will make it easy for you to communicate with one another. It would be great if you get one that can speak for you.

Remote car-starter app




Having this equipped in your car would be able to save you in the event that you are running away from zombies. Coincidentally, the automobiles usually have a tendency of failing to start when you need them to.


This android application will come in handy when seeking to know if any of your friends or relatives has been infected. It is just a precautionary measure that will save you in the end. The app works in such a way that you only have to upload a picture of the person and it will show you what they will look like as a zombie.

Vlingo Virtual Assistant

This application will help you send text messages to friends by just saying the text you want sent. Considering that there will be a lot of running here and there, you will have no time to tap on the screen.

Google maps



Should you find yourself in unknown surroundings, you will need this application to locate your way out.

Wi-fi talkie (lite version)

When installed on your phone, this app makes it possible to communicate with a friend who has the same application on their phone. You will be able to send texts and making calls. The good thing is that it does not need cellular towers r internet connection.

The flash light app is another application that will be very helpful whenever darkness sets and there are is no electricity.

These and many more applications could actually be the difference between your survival and getting infected. Contrary to how they are always viewed, the mobile phones are very important in any disaster situation. You just have to load them up with the necessary applications.

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