Parenthood is Hard! Here’s How Apple is Trying to Make It a Little Easier…Sorta

Parenthood. The adventurous journey full of unexplored territories, awkward situations and more tosses & turns, ups & downs than the average person expects.  To say that parenthood is hard is an understatement and truly only something that is said by people that are not parents, right? Well, Apple must either have a panel of parents that discussed this commercial based on their own true stories or Apple is filled with loving parents that wanted to showcase their own lives.  You see, this video is actually an advertisement for the Apple iPhone 5S and all of the great things that it can do to make parenthood just a little easier to handle – primarily because of its efficient operations, applications and integrated features. What do you think? Did Apple hit the jackpot with this one?

Apple basically nailed parenthood in this ad...sorta

Apple basically nailed parenthood in this ad…sorta

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