She Only Needed 18 Points, But This Family Feud Final Round Contestant Absolutely Blew It!

The Sass family came to Family Feud all the way from Stockton, California. They were on the roll and were just 18 measly points away from winning the Family Feud grand prize. It basically seemed as if the $20,000 prize was in the bag for the family…until Anna began her attempt. The crowd became quieter and quieter as Anna progressed, because every single one of her answers were absolutely terrible. Even Steve Harvey, the current host of Family Feud, had to take a step back to let it all sink in — because the Sass family stuck together as they gradually watched their $20,000 grand prize slip through Anna’s fingers. This horrendous Family Feud round has now gone viral…so hopefully Ellen DeGeneres will have mercy on them, invite Anna to come on her show and offer them at least $10,000. Only time will tell.

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