Andrew Wiggins: The REAL Reason Why LeBron James is Going Back to Cleveland

Andrew Wiggins. A 6’8 19-year NBA rookie that is about to take the world by storm – especially when it comes to the NBA court. He was selected by the Cleveland Cavaliers – even though there were still quite a few people that doubted their decision for drafting him in the first place. Clearly, LeBron James was not one of those people because he saw the power and potential of Andrew Wiggins in addition to the rest of the starting lineup that Cleveland is trying to put together to center around LeBron in the upcoming season. If this 360 dunk that Andrew Wiggins performed in a recent summer league warm-up is even a microscopic sign of his on-the-court potential, Cleveland is going to have a great year. However, we have to make sure that we keep this in perspective as well, though. While it is great that Andrew Wiggins was able to perform a 360-degree dunk while tossing the ball around his back, you have to also remember that there was no one defending him. It was basically like Wiggins was having a slam dunk contest…with himself. The real test is going to come in November when he is put in front of a defending team of NBA stars twice his age. Until then, let’s all enjoy watching this impressive dunk from Andrew Wiggins and continue to congratulate LeBron James on what clearly was a great decision to “come home” on his part.

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