Andrew Garfield Learns That the Beygency Will Hunt You Down If You Speak Poorly about Beyonce

Even though the ratings showed that this past week’s episode of Saturday Night Live was one of the lowest-rated episodes of the season, Andrew Garfield still did an amazing job as a host and was featured in some very popular sketches that have gone viral since their original broadcast. In one of the most talked-about sketches simply titled “Beygency,” Andrew Garfield is forced to realize that you should never talk badly about Beyonce. In this spoof video loosely based on the hit Matt Damon/Emily Blunt movie, “The Adjustment Bureau,” Andrew Garfield is hunted down by Beygency agents and officials simply because he “turned on his country” by commenting that “Drunk in Love” was not that great of a song at all. The next time you think about talking badly about Beyonce or one of her hit songs, you better think twice — or the Beygency might come after you.

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