Andrew Garfield Wears Wig in New Arcade Fire Music Video for Hit Single, “We Exist”

Andrew Garfield has played some pretty impressive characters on the big screen over the years, including his breakthrough role opposite Jessie Eisenberg in “The Social Network” and alongside Emma Stone and a stunning ensemble cast in “The Amazing Spider-Man” movies. However, the fact that he is wearing a long blonde wig in the newest Arcade Fire music video for the hit single, “We Exist” definitely generated a lot of buzz this weekend. Arcade Fire has been known for releasing some very artistic, eccentric and absolutely awkward videos in the past. However, this one definitely takes the cake. If you haven’t seen it already, then you need to go ahead and head at least one view to the 1.45 million views that have already been generated over the past two days. Arcade Fire, you have done it again. Even if you don’t like Arcade Fire or their music, you have to at least see this video.

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