Andre 3000 Put Rapping on Hold to Play Jimi Hendrix. This Proves He Made the Right Decision.

Andre 3000 Becomes Jimi Hendrix.

Andre 3000. Also known as Andre Benjamin. One-half of the platinum-selling, record-breaking, history-making rap duo OutKast. He has been on a bit of a rapping hiatus for a number of years, not releasing a single rap album in close to a decade. This is primarily because Andre 3000 wanted to focus on being recognized as Andre Benjamin – actor. He has been able to take on a role that people say he was born for – especially since he nails the look like no one else could. That’s right — the lead role in a biopic film based on the life of rock & roll legend Jimi Hendrix. Based on this trailer for the movie, Jimi: All is By My Side, you can tell that he made the right decision. It truly does seem as if Andre 3000 aka Andre Benjamin is going to nail this role and might even be considered for a Golden Globe or Oscar. What do you think?

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