Anderson Silva – Quit Now Before You Get Yourself Killed

Anderson Silva has recently become a trending topic all over the Internet since he posted a picture of him grappling someone during a recent practicing session with the simple statement that “I’m Back” on Instagram. The truth is, Anderson, you’re an idiot! 

Keep in mind that Anderson crushed his leg in his last fight against Chris Weidman in UFC 168. He broke both of the bones in his left leg with one kick and basically gave the fight away. The honorable thing to do would have been to simply retire or at least disappear for a while so that he could give his leg time to heal as well as his reputation. But that’s not what he did at all, which is why he is going to get himself killed.

Here is our short letter to Anderson: Quit while you are behind.

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His Instagram SHOULD have said, "Soy estupido."

His Instagram SHOULD have said, “Soy estupido.”

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