She Made History in This American Ninja Warrior Course – But the Ending Will Shock You!

In most cases, coming close to completing the American Ninja Warrior course has been something only achieved by some of the strongest and most athletic men in the world. There have been many women that have competed but failed miserably in the early stages. However, Kacy Catanzaro decided to change all of that earlier this week by becoming the very first woman to complete the American Ninja Warrior semi-final course. Keep in mind that Kacy is only 5’0 and weighs 100 pounds, but she was able to complete intense, physically-demanding courses that men twice her size could never even imagine doing. As you watch her go through each of these obstacle courses with an unbelievable strategic approach, you will gradually start to realize just how weak you are in comparison to her. The American Ninja Warrior course has always been a very humbling experience, especially for the contestants that attempt to complete the course and fail much quicker than they expected. However, Kacy Catanzaro just served the biggest slice of humble pie by completing the American Ninja Warrior Course – especially during her impressive and speedy performance during the final obstacle. Wow! Even though most female (and male) athletes will probably never be able to even compete in the American Ninja Warrior course, Kacy Catanzaro has been able to take a giant leap forward for female athletes around the world.


American Ninja Warrior

Kacy Catanzaro – the first female to complete this American Ninja Warrior course EVER!

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