This Performance of the Amazing Jam Session Guys Will Grow Right Before Your Eyes

Have you seen the viral video of the impromptu performance from the amazing jam session guys? It seems to have started outside of a barbershop with a panhandling guitarist that is able to create a bit of a drumbeat on his guitar while he is playing it. An innocent bystander decided to join in by singing along with the guitarist’s original song and the amazing jam session expanded even further when an aspiring rapper walked up and joined in as well. The best part is that Jimmy Kimmel caught wind of this video and decided to bring all three of the amazing jam session guys onto his show to perform. What the audience did not know, though, was that the amazing jam session would grow with additional performers — including Jimmy Kimmel, band members, a choir, Trey Songz, Juicy J and Aloe Blacc. Enjoy!

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