Alyson Hannigan’s 15 Best Pics

This born 1974 American actress has had an ample share of American TV. Her most common TV appearances are in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, American Pie and most notably in the CBS’ How I Met Your Mother. Though most of her roles are laid back, these photos of Alyson Hannigan will definitely give you a glimpse of her other side that you perhaps didn’t know.

A lady in a black form hugging dress always looks great – especially if she has a nice body

Studying is hard! Chemistry is hot. Perhaps losing some buttons on your blouse would make things better.

That hot but innocent look you get when you mix Irish (Father) and Jewish (mother) genes.

I wonder what she intends to do with her hands. Her lipstick perfectly complements her hair though.

Simple with no makeup overdose. Sometimes, near natural is the best way to go.

Don’t get it wrong, she works out. Where else would she get that perfect abs?

This was what she became when she played Luke Perry in West End Stage

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Come get it… I dare you.

Thought her hair is red? I thought so too. Apparently, it is brown. She dyed it red after the Buffy and American Pie and felt it should stay that way.

This is the brown I was talking of. Doesn’t she look powerful and business-like in that outfit?

Smile for the camera? Why smile while I am oozing of happiness? I think I will just laugh for the camera.

I wonder what all those legs are doing in a shed full of tools.

Is the ball just a prop or can she use it? Who cares, her body looks like it can back up. That’s good enough

Reminds you of those days of the youth when life is all fun, laughter and games – until the math teacher announces a test

I can help but ask, what went wrong?

Her career took her through many ups and downs. Her versatility as an actor and ability to distinguish the line between screen play and real life definitely made her an acceptable role model. With her age, we wouldn’t expect her to change the script.

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