If You Use ANY of These Pick Up Lines, You Might Spend the Night in Jail

Earlier today, we shared a viral video that focuses on how to pick up girls without having to say a single word (as long as you drive a Lamborghini.) Right now, we are going to take a quick trip to the opposite side of that spectrum and focus on pick up lines that will get you the opposite reaction. We’re talking – (1) slaps in the face, (2) kicks in the groin, (3) mace in the eyes, (3) rape whistles blown in your ears and (4) cops being called to arrest you. Some of these pick up lines are funny and actually might work. On the other hand, quite a few of these pick up lines are funny but will lead to you spending the night in jail. We want to thank Alx James (one of our favorite Vine video creators) for putting this together and sharing it on YouTube. What do you think about these pick up lines? Do you plan on actually using any of them?

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