You’ll Never Say the Phrase “Like a Girl” Again After Watching This Tearjerker

Like a girl. For years, millions of people have used that phrase to insult how someone is doing something badly. “You hit, throw, fight…like a girl.” You more than likely have been guilty of saying one of those phrases to someone else and/or laughing when someone else said it, right? Well, Always teamed up with award-winning filmmaker Lauren Greenfield to create this eye-opening video for their new #LikeAGirl campaign that will forever change the way that you look at this seemingly hilarious phrase again. She started off by asking boys and girls, men and women alike to showcase different actions if they were to be done “like a girl.” However, after reminding them about how degrading, insulting and damaging that phrase can be, many of the same people quickly changed their viewpoints and asked to film new responses.

"You throw like a girl" - clever or controversial?

“You throw like a girl” – clever or controversial?

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